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ITECHFLOW PRIVATE LIMITED is located in Jaipur Rajasthan India.
Our company is a specialized manufacturer of automation instrumentation such as electromagnetic flowmeters,, ultrasonic flowmeters, sensor, converter, flow totalizer, 
Our business is established on the basis of high quality, good price, and honesty. All the customers will have our best services and share the most reasonable prices. We have very good cooperation with many enterprises in domestic and abroad. Now our products not only sale on the market of Indian , but also export to the USA, Europe, and other Asian countries, etc.

The key strength of ITECHFLOW PRIVATE LIMITED are as follows:

*Experience and Stability of more than 9 years.

*Our Very and dedicated active sales and service team. 

*Experienced production and management team. 

*Quality control by dedicated engineers 

*In house Production and testing facilities 

*In-house cloud-based online monitoring systems 

*Widest range of customization and choices of material available 

*Installations across the whole country 

*We are always open to adaptations and customization. 

*Capabilities to carry out largest orders in time.


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The Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter Is Of Perfect Performance And Reliability. Based On the Successfully Proven Smart Flow Technology of iTechflow  Private Limited the flowmeter is widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food electric power, paper making, water treatment, petro chemistry& medicine, etc.

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  • H i g h A c c u r a c y m e a s u r i n g

Ac c u r a c y: ±1 %, l i n e a r i ty : 0 . 5 %, r e p e at ab i l i t y : 0 . 2 %

  • W i d e m e a s u r i n g r a n g e

S e ve r al typ e s t r an s du c er fo r s el ec t i on , mea s u r in g p i p e s i z e fro m D N 1 5 m m to D N 6 0 0 0 m m

  • L a r g e c a p a c i t y b a t t e r y

B u i l t - i n r e ch a r g ea b l e N i - MH b a t t e r y, p ro vi d e o v e r 1 2 ho u r s o f co n t i n u ou s o p er a t i on

  • N o n - i n t r u s i v e m e a s u r i n g

N o n - i n t r u s i v e , c l a m p - o n t r a n s d u c e r , n o p r e s s u r e d r o p , n o p i p e d i s t u r b a n c e

  • S u p p o r t M u l t i p l e L a n g u a g e M e n u

C h i n e s e , En g l i s h , I t al i an an d o th e r l an gu a g e s c an b e cu s to mi ze d

  • L a r g e L C D d i s p l a y

D i sp la y i n s ta n t an eo u s f l o w, a c cu mu l a t ed f l o w ( p o si t i ve , n eg a t i v e an d n et ) , ve l o ci ty, w o r k i n g s t a t u s e t c .

  • B u i l t - i n d a t a l o g g e r

B u i l t - i n 2 4 K d a t a l o g g e r , s t o r e o v e r 2 0 0 0 l i n e s m e a s u r i n g d a t a

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Water Level Senser



Ground water level recorder Piezometer Installation

1. Choose a suitable location to mount the console, se cure from unauthorized access to prevent tempering with the instrument, not too distant from the bore well and has easy reach to power socket.

2. After finalizing the mounting location, check the availability of power by connecting a 12 volts 1A DC  adapter

3. Measure the length of cable to suspend into the bore well from the ground level and tie the cable firmly at the point where it leads into the bore well to avoid slipping.

4. Next, insert the port at the end of the cable into the socket provided on the instrument body.

5. Set sensor to “zero cal”.

6. At this step, feed the length of cable measured in the instrument.

7. Install the pressure transducer by lowering it into the well so that it is submerged below the water surface. Avoid dropping the transducer or permitting sharp contacts with the sides of the well casing. Do not allow the transducer to free fall into the well.

8. The transducer should be installed at a point in the well that will not go dry. Estimate the lowest expected water level, and lower the transducer to the desired depth below the water level.

9. Fasten the cable or suspension system to the well head using tie wraps or a weatherproof strain-relief system. If the vent tube is incorporated in the cable, make sure not to pinch the cable too tightly or the vent tube may be obstructed.

10. Make a permanent mark on the cable at the hanging point so that future slippage, if any, can be determined. Precautions •

Handle the Sensor head with care, it may get damaged on strong impact with hard surface or ground. •

Use 1A 12 Volts DC adapter to power the instrument, or the one which came along. •

Wind up the extra cable to prevent wear and tear.

It may hamper with the sensor’s reading.

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Water Quality Analyzer


is a pioneer in providing break through technological solutions centralized to wards protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable tomorrow. We develop environmental monitoring instruments using sensor-driven technologies for connected devices with an automated approach to data collections and monitoring solutions. We are known for developing customized, turnkey solutions and have the dynamics of a young and passionate team with great problem solving skills. Itechflow has since managed to expand across parallels and carved out a niche as a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments and provides meticulously engineered and sustainable solutions that help protect and improve environment quality, conserve resources, promote waste management, and encourage efficient use of energy and support activities that promote the protection of human health and a sustainable global environment. Vision To make a better world with better beings, perpetuate the balance between them Make the planet Earth an incredible one, worth being stared in wonder from the other galaxies. Core Values As more and more customers had air pollution monitoring instruments and analytical lab instruments installed, our reputation grew for quality workmanship and finishing This led to the development of a new service offering We have a team of experienced service engineer who have expertise in the field for many years in servicing of air pollution monitoring instruments, we provide all kind of analytical lab instruments servicing. ITECHFLOW Pvt. Ltd. , 30 Near Tractor Showroom Jhotwara industrial area, Jaipur , Rajasthan 302012 S.NO TYPE Details 01 Technology UV-Visible Spectroscopy

02 Sample Flow Recommended: 0-5 l/min

03 Parameters &Range Refer in table below

04 Application Pharmaceutical, Chemicals,Petrochemicals,Refineries,Industries etc

01 Product Overview This is a fully integrated, temperature controlled Water quality Analyzer that delivers'near reference'levels of performance in real-time for multiple characteristics of effluent/ water sample and environmental parameters. Online monitoring of effluents is mandatory for specific category of industries in India. How ever choosing right technology is important, a smonitoring is not a short term job. The equipment need to berugged, reliable (result comparable to lab data), economical, well supported by manufacturer and local distributor with inventory of spares and skilled manpower. The system shouldn’t require recurring cost in reinvestment for replacements at a later stage. Also,the instrument needs to comply Local and International Standards.

02 Product Descriptions Established in 2015,

Itechflow Pvt. Ltd. has an enviable reputation for manufacturing quality environmental instruments.

03 Parameters to be measured Continuously measure the concentration of following parameters: Our Century of experience continuous product development and world wide support network provides confidence for client to selects Itechflow Pvt. Ltd. as their first choice.

04 Features Auto zero done on cleaning solution Allows very high level of suspended solid without clogging for all the optical measurements making it suitable for industrial application External probes can be added for physiochemical parameters like pH,ORP,chlorine, conductivity and turbidity. Its automatic cleaning system and its extremely long life time lamp, the maintenanceis roughly limited to the periodic refill of thein-expensivecleaning solution GPRS Modem Communications Fully Automated System Large Storage Capacity Turbidity Electrical Conductivity DO ORP TDS TEMP pH CL2

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Indrapal Yadav

Very good company for providing the electromagnetic flow meter.

Man singh

Nice flow meter company in Jaipur


The place for flowmeter calibration and manufacturing facility of turbine type flow meters

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Itechflow Private Limited is an emerging name in the field of Electromagnetic Flow meters and Automation. Through are sincere efforts we have been able to gain the valuable trust of our customers by delivering the unmatched quality services. Our aim to continue and maintain the goal of customer satisfaction on largest scales.