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Electromagnetic Flowmeter ( Remote type)

Measurement is independent of fluid density, humidity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. There are no obstacle elements in the conduit, No pressure drop, the requirement of straight pipe is low. The sensor with advanced processing technology is of nice resistance to negative pressure. The liquid crystal display in the converter of the smart series Magnetic flow meter makes it easy to read in the sun or in the darkroom. In a bad environment, parameters can be set up through the infrared ray touch knobs without opening the cover of the converter. The converter has alarm output function of self-diagnosis, empty load test high and low limit of the flow, two-stage flow value, etc. not only apply in general process test but also in the test of the mineral serosity, paper pulp as well as pastry liquid. High-pressure type electromagnetic flow sensor adopting PFA lining technology which is resistant to high pressure and negative pressure is especially applicable in industries of oil, chemistry, etc.

1).ITEM:  Full Bore With PTFE Lined EMF flowmeter
Brand:-   :- Lafuma
Conductivity  :- >15 µ S/Cm
Model No….:-   :- LAFUMA_ITF_EMF_0.5%
Density :- 1000.0 Kg/m3
Measuring Fluid:- :-  Water
Flow Range  :- As for pipe line size
Power Supply :- :-  220 V AC * 4Amp /24V DC
Temperature range :- :- 90Deg.. C.. Max…
Output:- :- 4_20mA
Communication output :- :- RS485 Pulse
Line Size:- :- DN50,40,32
Pressure Rating :- :- 0.5 ~ 25kg/cm2 Max... 
Accuracy :- (Constant flow) :-  ±0.5%
End connection :- :- B16.5, Flanges #150 RF
Flange Material :- :- C.S. ANSI B 16.5, 150# RF
Measuring Tube :- :- SS304 Tube
Flow Liner:- :- PTFE
Electrodes :- SS316L
Coil Housing :- Carbon Steel
Display Housing :- Aluminium Dia Cast  Water Proof IP67
Mounting in Line  :- Horizontal / Vertical
Electrical Connection Cable Gard :- ABS 
Flow Transmitter :- Remote Cable 10Meter Lanth With Display, 5 Digit LCD for Flowrate & 10 Digit LCD For Totaliser